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The Listing Presentation: What to Expect

Wondering what to expect from a listing presentation? If you are getting ready for a listing presentation, here is what what to expect from a MMK Realty. When it comes to hiring a Michelle Williams of MMK Realty to list your Northern Virginia home for sale, of course you want to work with the best! Additionally, you want to work with an agent that you get along with—someone who is on the same page. Whether it is your intention or not, when you begin interviewing Realtors to list your home for sale, you are generally looking for two things: their thoughts on the listing price of your home; and you want to get a pulse on their personality. Sure, you may be looking for other things, but generally that is the initial goal.

As a homeowner, it may be easy to overlook what an agent puts into that first appointment with you so let us take a look at what you can expect when an agent comes to your home for a listing presentation. To prepare for a presentation, generally, Michelle will dedicate (at a minimum) approximately 5 hours upfront to meet with you, which includes: Listing preparation time, drive time, and the actual listing presentation time.

When a Michelle arrives at your home, she will have already researched your home and her goal is to give you an overview of current market conditions and projections to help give you a realistic picture of your home within the context of the current real estate market.

After she has done a walkthrough of your home, she will also provide you with credentials about MMK Realty, information about the brokerage, and provide examples of previously sold listings. Michelle will also inquire about you current and unique situation to get a better understanding of how the agent can customize a selling plan for you.

The Listing Presentation: What to Expect

About Listing Your Home For Sale

At this point, this Michelle will begin providing you with relevant information about your home including the custom market analysis including comparables, solds, current listings and expireds.

With this, she will offer you a custom and professional pricing strategy based on her interpretation of current market conditions.

Then, she will discuss goals on how to market your home effectively. This part of the conversation will include details about photography and virtual tours and an explanation about the power and benefits of multiple listing service, web marketing, IDX, and

Additionally, Michelle will describe the work she does “behind the scenes.” Michelle will also explain what methods she uses to screen qualified buyers to protect against “curiosity seekers.”

Through all of this, Michelle will also provide with you real tips and details about what you can expect when listing your home for sale. Finally, after providing a master marketing plan, Michelle will review all clauses in the listing contract and then will obtain your signature.

Once the listing contract is signed, there is much more work to be done to get your home sold quickly!

Do I really need a real estate agent?

If you want the input of an industry professional who can guide you through a potentially complicated process and help you strategize to sell your home for more, then the answer is yes. Just because you have sold a home before does not mean you understand the ins and outs of a real estate transaction. An experienced real estate agent is a trained professional who knows how to advise you on the best methods to market your home. They will help you make the best decisions for your situation and avoid any sticky legal problems. The right agent can mean the difference between successfully selling your home or not. Have questions? Get in touch today.

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