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12 Popular Interior Design Trends in 2022

Looking for the most popular interior design trends in 2022? With each passing year there are interesting developments when it comes to interior design and decorating. There are 12 interior design trends that are capturing the attention of people interested in upping the look and feel of their homes. Perhaps you will find some of these design concepts and strategies inspiring as you contemplate what to do with your own residence in 2022.

12 Popular Interior Design Trends in 2022
12 Popular Interior Design Trends in 2022

Natural Wood

In 2022, natural wood is at the forefront when it comes to residential interior design. Natural wood is being incorporated into residential interior design in a number of different ways this year. These include:

  • furniture

  • walls

  • kitchens, including cabinets and flooring

Earthy Colors

More stark colors that have been popular in recent times are giving way to earthy colors in homes in 2022. Indeed, the rise in popularity of earth colors goes hand-in-hand with the expanding use of natural wood in residential properties. Earthy colors give a home a warm feel, a true sense of hominess.

Live Plants

Along the same themes as natural wood and earthy colors, live green plants are becoming ever more popular when it comes to home interior décor in 2022. Synthetic plants, no matter how lifelike, definitely are taking a back seat to living greenery. Plants selected for a residence need be nothing exotic. They can be plants that are easy to tend to and require no special care and assistance.

Curvilinear Furniture

Furniture designed with curvilinear cuts or rounded corners are becoming highly popular as we move deeper into 2022. This type of furniture, in living and great rooms, tends to provide a space with a more relaxed feeling, a more comfortable space.

Furniture with Bold Colors

One interior design trend that parts from the natural themes mentioned previously involves the colors that will be featured on furniture. In 2022, there will be an increase in home furnishings that are fashioned with bright and bold colors. In fact, the combination of other 2022 home design trends like the use of natural wood works well with home furnishings that feature bold colors.

Welcoming Sage Green

Speaking of color, one hue that is garnering significant attention in 2022 is sage green. Sage green provides both a natural feel that harmonizes with some of the other trends discussed a moment ago. When applied to a wall in a room, or even all walls in space, sage green creates a warm, welcoming effect.

Hanging Textiles

When it comes to wall applications and extensions, there is a slow but sure movement away from pictures to tapestries. These tapestries come in many designs and stem from a multitude of traditions. In other words, when it comes to tapestries, a homeowner will have little trouble in finding items that will work well with any type of decorative theme or concept in a residence.

Terrazzo Beyond the Floors

In the 1980s, terrazzo flooring was highly popular. In 2022, terrazzo design is making a strong comeback, but not on floors. Terrazzo design is being incorporated into walls and even different decorative objects that are being incorporated in the design themes of residences.

Silver Remains Supreme

Silver remains an important design element when it comes to home décor in 2022. Silver is being incorporated into light fixtures and is a major feature in art and other decorative items placed in roos in 2022 homes. One of the reasons why silver is being so widely used in 2022 is because it harmonizes well with all of the other design components that are proving very popular in 2022. Indeed, silver -- the color and the metal -- works well with nearly any type of decorating concept or theme imaginable.

Basic Black is Not Just Basic

Black is back and it's not just basic. Black is being used in ways never before imagined in residential properties. Accent walls are becoming more commonplace in decorating themes in homes. This tactic adds a level of bold design that ups the look of any space. Black is being incorporated into everything from furniture to flooring and to many other design elements in between.

Statement Ceilings

Another interesting home design trend for 2022 is what is being called the statement ceiling. Statement ceilings essentially are what historically have been accent walls. In other words, the design concepts historically used in accent walls have moved upward to the ceiling.

Your Own Personal Touches

Finally, personalizing spaces is also a trend in 2022 home décor. For example, as mentioned, silver is being incorporated into room design. Rooms are being personalized with such items as silver picture frames.

As you go about making decisions regarding your residential décor, these trends may work perfectly in your home. Indeed, so many of the 2022 trends work well with one another and can be part of an overall home décor plan for your residence.

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