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Don't Believe These Common Myths About Northern Virginia Real Estate Agents

Truth: there are some common myths about Northern Virginia Real Estate agents that you probably assume are true! Planning to sell your home in Northern Virginia is a big decision. Most of us start the process with an internet search, but sorting out fact from fiction can be a nightmare! So, what are the myths? We've debunked the top three myths about real estate agents in Northern Virginia to help you make an informed decision about using a realtor when it's time to sell your home.

Don't Believe These Common Myths About Northern Virginia Real Estate Agents
Don't Believe These Common Myths About Northern Virginia Real Estate Agents

Myth #1: You'll make more money if your real estate agent charges low commission rates

Debunked! Real estate agents that charge low commission rates, often called "discount brokers," love to advertise this myth in the hope of getting more business, but it usually results in a lower selling price and a longer time on the market for your home.

The truth: When it comes to real estate agents, you get what you pay for. Discount brokers in Northern Virginia cut costs by offering fewer services. That means less exposure, cheaper marketing, and less expertise in the Northern Virginia market. By choosing an agent with a low commission rate, sellers miss out on these valuable resources and often end up selling their home for quite a bit less than it's worth. If you sell your home for 10% less than its actual value, you don't really save on commission.

The best realtors will offer appropriately competitive listing rates to ensure that you get the maximum value. Knowledgeable realtors understand the type of buyers who are looking for homes in Northern Virginia, and offer a full suite of services to sell your home to buyers specific to that area. From taking pictures and pricing your home to closing the deal, a good realtor will be there for you every step of the way, ensuring you get your full money's worth.

Myth #2: Real estate agents get part of the profits from inspectors, title companies, and banks

Debunked! It's illegal for real estate agents to get any sort of kickbacks or benefits from vendors in the real estate industry.

The truth: Real estate agencies value their relationships with YOU, the seller. I can't imagine compromising that trust with kickbacks from someone else! You can trust that at MMK Realty, I put you first when we're selling your home, and I stay up to date with all the latest real estate laws, best practices, and professional education to ensure you get the best service from MMK Realty.

Myth #3: Agents put all their effort into the most expensive properties

Debunked! Real estate agents build their reputation by serving diverse clients and putting equal energy into every sale. Selling a home is a big deal, no matter what the listing price is, and agents work hard to ensure their business offers great services to every seller.

The truth: One of the best thing about the Northern Virginia real estate market is its diversity. At MMK Realty, I ensure the best service for every single client, regardless of the value of their home. We create a customized selling plan to ensure your home is marketed aggressively to buyers who will absolutely love it. This is not a cookie cutter service — each home is unique, and we make the most of that with a perfectly customized plan for your neighborhood, price range, and individual home. I'm honored to be a certified Military Relocation Professional who understands the specific requirements and processes for military personnel in addition to the needs of those in the public sector. From starter homes to high-end properties, I provide my very best work to every client.

When it comes to selling your home, it pays to work with a qualified real estate agent. With 19 years of experience in the Northern Virginia area, MMK Realty is a name you can trust. Contact us today to learn more about selling your home!

To learn more about Michelle Williams Living and MMK Realty visit our About Us page. For more tips and information feel free to contact me and follow me on social media on Facebook @mmkrealtyllc, Twitter @MMKRealtyLLC, and Instagram @mmkrealty.

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